Not A Creative Person? Meditation Will Change That

Not A Creative Person? Meditation Will Change That

Welcome to aatm yogashala, When our senses often become dull, meditation provides time for relaxation and awareness in the stressful world. Experts say that meditation is more likely to relieve temporary stress.

The diversity of meditation shows that there is a different style of meditation for every individual depending on the personality or lifestyle. A person who meditates improves physical health, as
well as improves emotional health.

Many times you must have felt that whenever we need a new idea to solve a problem or to do some work, it does not come to our mind even after thinking a million times but sometimes such creative ideas or solutions suddenly come to our mind, such as while walking, taking a bath, driving a car or doing some
other work.

This does not happen only with you, but great innovations in the world are the result of these creative ideas, such as driving Einstein the idea of Theory of Relativity and Newton’s Gravitational Theory is the result of the apple tree falling down.

But why does it happen that some new ideas, creativity or ideas come in front of us all of a sudden, not by thinking? It is because while thinking, we put so much pressure on our minds and so it
becomes difficult to focus on a single point.

But when we are walking, bathing, driving or so then we are away from running thoughts of our mind. At this point in time, we have our complete focus on a single point and the mind is not wandering anywhere and so we are able to think what we want to.

Recent research has revealed that certain types of meditation techniques increase creative thinking. This research has been published in the journal ‘Mindfulness’. Research has said that the effect of meditation on humans lasts for a long time. It also affects the way humans think, which leads to new ideas.

Research also suggests that not all meditation techniques have the same effect on creativity. Those who did open-monitoring meditation had multiple solutions to the same problem.

At the same time, no effect was seen on those who had focused attention on meditation.Meditation lowers our stress level, reduces anxiety and increases our concentration level. There is a way to do meditation which you have to follow properly. Only then the effect of meditation is visible. Many people find meditation boring.

Meditation starts showing its results immediately. You have to learn to involve yourself in it, only then you will see a positive change. To see the effect of meditation, it is necessary to do meditation every day. The
best time to do this is when you are fully awake.

According to many studies, practicing meditation helps in strengthening the power of the mind and lets it focus on things. It helps you in achieving the goal, you would have set for yourself.

One study tested different types of meditation, including Transcendental Meditation, Vipassana, Tibetan Buddhist Meditation, Sufi Meditation and Hindu Meditation. During this, he found that all these types of meditation make the mind calm to different levels.

When the mind is free from unnecessary thoughts or emotions, then it is obvious that it is able to induce creativity into you. Whatever your passion be, if you practice meditation then surely you are able to fulfill your passion.

Note: You should learn meditation from a professional first and follow their
methods to get the effect of meditation.

If you learn to do meditation once and do it every day, then you will feel a good change in yourself and you will also be able to see the effect of meditation clearly. Be it exercise or meditation, if
you do this every day, then your body and mind will get relaxation.

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