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Reviews, Testimonials, Feedback

I had an amazing experience , it was a life changing experience altogether would recommend it to everyone n for everyone. Would want to go visit and learn more in the coming future ... Best yogashala in ram jhula ...


I am thankful for my teachers at the AATM Yogashala for giving me a good foundation for my yoga journey. One can feel that they are all living what they are teaching and their knowledge comes from many years of experience. They were always patient, supportive and helpful in any situation. I can only recommend this school.


It wasn’t easy to pick one of the schools to do my 100/200hr TTC in Rishikesh, but I am beyond happy I decided to go to Aatm. The program, the staff and all teachers were wonderful and shared with us their deep knowledge. Not only did I learn and got to experience the yogi lifestyle but I also made friends along the way. I loved it there and would recommend to anyone.


I am completely grateful to this school. The teachers are very prepared, they are all very kind, they receive much more than they expect and not only do you leave with a lot of knowledge but you also leave with great friends. The best experience I could have had, I am super grateful to all the staff and especially to Anu, the manager, who was attentive to me at all times even when classes were over. Thank you for so much ✨


My experience at Aatm Yogashala was very good. I consider that the training I received was excellent thanks to the knowledge and experience of the teachers. Also, everyone at the school (not just the teachers) was very helpful and made me feel at home. Thank you!!!!


I have lived with them 40 days. Perfect place to disconnect within Rishikesh. Neither the most relaxed nor the loudest, it gives you the opportunity to choose your level of disconnection. Fully equipped rooms, the team works hard to get you everything you need at any time. The place is clean and tidy and the treatment is very close! 100% recommended