5 Signs That Shows You Are a Yogi by Soul


You know, everyone possesses some special qualities by birth which shows their interest or passion towards a particular aspect. From a very early age, you might come up with a common question often asked by many, “What is Your Aim?” The most common and a tough question though.

But that was the time, you start discovering something special about you, you start exploring the passion inside you and that was the time, you came across your sole aim.

So, here with this article, we are helping you in discovering the yogi hidden inside you. Well, you can’t define a yogi but you have to admit there are some obvious signs which prove that you will become a yogi in the near future.

Let us tell you some of those signs!

1. Peace is your final destination

You love to stay away from the hustle and bustle, crowd and want to escape a place which is so peaceful, so soothing, then Congratulations, there is a little lifestyle of a yogi lies inside you. Yes! For a yogi, peace is the final destination, it is something, he wishes to attain in his life.

2. Early to Bed Early to Rise is your kind of Rhyme

You don’t prefer to stay awake till late at night? You love to wake up early in the morning? Yes! This is something, a yogi loves. The right Dinacharya, as per Ayurveda is considered as waking up 2 hours before sunrise and to sleep around 9 p.m so that one can get approx 7 hours of sleep before 4:30 am.

3. Ahimsa is on the top of your Dictionary

A person who adopts the lifestyle of a yogi will go miles away from Hinsa or Violence. The basic mantra of his life is then Ahimsa (Non-Violence). He doesn’t prefer to do any such thing in which he has to violate the law of Ahimsa and if you are such, then do recognise the yogi lies inside you.

4. This whole world is like your family

You consider the whole world as your near and dear one, as your family. All the same, all are equal for you, you possess the same nature, same behavior towards one another. You don’t wish to hurt anyone, you love everyone; if you have this type of character, then yes, you are a true yogi from inside out.

5. Yoga Retreat is your priority over a luxury vacation

You love to explore, you love to travel. But you know what, there are two types of travelers, one who loves to spend a vacation in a luxury environment and one who loves to explore in a natural, in a spiritual environment. A yogi always prefers to travel in a spiritual environment, amidst the true nature, the motherly feel of the earth.

If you also prefer such type of vacation over a luxury stay, then there is a quality of being yogi lies inside you.

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