How Yoga Can Help You Look Younger?

How Yoga Can Help You Look Younger?

Namaste! today we will discuss How Yoga Can Help You Look Younger? Stay young and healthy is no doubt, the desire of every human being. Desire
matters when it is fulfilled and you are lucky to fulfil it. How? If you want to
fulfil this desire, then definitely include yoga in the routine. With the help of
yoga, not only can one stay healthy but it also helps in making you look young.
So let’s know those yoga asanas, by doing which the whiteness of hair is
reduced along with tightening the skin of the body.

How Yoga Can Help You Look Younger?(Some yoga poses)

Vrikshasana or Tree Pose

Vrikshasana helps you to increase concentration. To do this asana, stand
straight. After this, bend your right knee and place your right foot on the left
thigh. Then join your hands by raising them. Keep your left leg straight and
maintain balance.
Regular practice of Vrikshasana helps your body gain new consciousness and
energy. Generally, while doing yoga, you are advised to close your eyes and
feel the energy. But during tree pose, eyes should be kept open. This is so that
you can gain the motivation to balance the body as well as keep yourself
steady while watching the activities around.

 Tadasana or Mountain Pose

Tadasana or Mountain Pose
Tadasana or Mountain Pose

Tadasana or Mountain Pose is among the basic asanas of yoga. The name
Tadasana Yoga is made up of two Sanskrit words. ‘Tad’ means ‘mountain’ and
‘asana’ means ‘posture’, i.e. this asana means to be in mountain posture.
Although it is easy and simple to practice this asana, it has many health
By doing Tadasana, breathing remains balanced and it also gives strength to
your legs. To do this asana, you must first stand up. Straighten up the back &
the upper body while performing the asana. Now raise both your hands up
and slowly pull them in. You do this asana for 2-4 minutes and then slowly
come back to the normal state while exhaling.

 Natarajasana or Lord of the Dance Pose

Natarajasana is a beautiful combo of structure and movement, and it
embodies the dance of the great Nataraja Shiva. It helps to strengthen you and
helps to open your mind and body. It also gives strength and beauty to the
mind and body.
By doing this asana, stress is reduced. This asana helps in increasing your
blood circulation and weight is reduced. To do this asana, first of all, you
should stand straight. Now with the help of your hands, put your right leg
behind the back and hold your leg with your hands. After this, keep the
balance on one leg by keeping the left hand forward.

 Unmani Mudra

Unmani Mudra comes with lots of benefits. To do this asana, sit in the position
of Padmasana. Now focus all your attention on your eyebrows. Do not think
about anything while doing this asana and focus your attention only on one
place. This asana is done to reduce intense anger.

NOTE: All the asanas explained in the given blog are for information
purposes. It is advised to take a yoga course or program before starting the

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