Yoga & The Mental Health


Yoga is good for physical health; we all know this, but do you know yoga is also best for Mental Fitness?

Yes, the daily divine practice of yoga will lead your brain to grow sharper and stronger. Besides the physical and emotional fitness, yoga is best for a healthy mind. In fact, it is key to mental or emotional healing. Moreover, it is also proved beneficial in developing self-confidence, and other mental aspects.

For many years, yoga has been a practice of mental development. Expansion of consciousness and enlightenment is the other and main goal of yoga.

“The Purpose of Yoga is to still the Turbulence of the Mind.” – Yoga Sutras by Patanjali

This ancient practice improves your mental health and abilities to a great positive level. Yoga helps you to recognize and then cope with your own low self-esteem. If you are suffering from anxiety, depression, negative thoughts and so, then surely, Yoga is the best way for it. More than this, yoga makes you feel More Motivated. More Confident. More Competent.

Even many yoga lovers seek out yoga to relieve and lessen the mental stress on the mind, along with the body.

Here are some of the benefits of yoga for your mental health

Relieves Stress: Yoga is the best for relieving the stress from your mind and body as well. Yoga’s positive benefits make it quite popular among people all over the world. Yoga improves your mood and eventually takes you out of the stress you are taking for so long in your mind and is getting disturbed by it. Body and mind practices like yoga, pranayama, meditation, mantra chanting help in reducing stress and also improve mental imbalances. Such practices induce an immediate positive change to the mind of an individual.

Improves Self-Esteem: Including yoga in your daily routine shows a great positive result mentally and one such is to improve the sense of self-esteem. Self-Esteem can be defined as the confidence in one’s own abilities or the self-respect. After performing yoga for just 2 minutes, you will clearly notice the change in your emotional energy and finds a new type of positive energy induced into you. Improving self-esteem or can say, self-confidence can help you in building up your personal abilities, attitude and beliefs and furthermore, your way of thinking, creating and reacting to the situations of life.

Say No to Depression: Now, with yoga; bid depression a good-bye and practice yoga regularly to not call depression again in your life. Yoga has proven a great remedy to improve the well-being, mental abilities and psychological disorder of an individual. Including yoga to your daily routine lower the levels of depression and make a person feel light and happy. Performing a 2-minute yoga, meditation or breathing exercise can increase your thinking power and helps you in fighting with the negative thoughts and the confusion created in the mind.

Take a Better Sleep with Yoga: Insomnia is now a common problem with almost everyone, especially with youth burdened with work and responsibilities. We know you follow such a tight schedule but make a small time for yoga and escape from the stress and fatigue of a hectic day. Moreover, yoga also cheers up your mood and take you far away from anxiety. If you perform yoga on a daily basis, then you will definitely get a night of healthy sleep, no matter how stressful your day was!

So, do include yoga in your daily routine for the best result.

Be More Focused: With yoga, you can improve your skill of focusing on a single point as yoga stimulates the brain and nervous system and make you feel concentrated on one single point. It is common to lose your concentration or focus on while doing any aspect, for this, there is no better than yoga to make your brain functioning calmly and steadily. You don’t have to indulge completely into yoga (by the way, it will be great if you do so), you just need to do a little yoga daily, as of 20 minutes to boost the power of your brain.


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