7 Common Habits to Ditch Right Now and 7 Better Healthy Ones to Build

Change is the rule of nature. Sometimes it is better for us and sometimes it is
tough. But the fact is, one should adopt it the way it is. Here in this aatm yogashala blog article,
we are talking about some habits which need to be ditched right now and 7
that should be built.

Common Habits to Ditch Right Now & Better Healthy Ones to Build

Stop being pessimistic all the time

Ditch: It is not necessary that every time you get what you have dreamed of,. The
The world or people don’t work according to you. Even, sometimes, you don’t
work as per you. This doesn’t mean you should start thinking negatively all the time.
When you think negatively, then things happen around you and you start irritating
You are causing stress and tension. So, the first habit you need to say goodbye to is
being pessimistic.

Build: In the same scenario, the first habit you need to build up for a healthy
lifestyle is to stay optimistic. Whatever the situation is, try to look at the
brighter or positive side of it. When you start developing positivity inside you,
then, believe me, many of your problems vanish. When the problems vanish,
you will take the first step toward a happy life.

Staying awake late at night

Ditch:- Getting around 6-7 hours of sleep is necessary for a healthy lifestyle
but it doesn’t mean sleeping at 4 AM and waking up at 10 AM. There should be
a proper sleep schedule. The night is to sleep peacefully and not to waste time
on unnecessary aspects. People use mobile phones, laptops, and other gadgets at night
and then complain about insomnia. To cure this, many take sleeping pills and

now what? Congratulation! You have added an extremely bad habit to your

Build: -Before taking pills or something, try to lessen the use of gadgets at
night and make a habit of sleeping early because, as we studied in school,
“Early to bed and early to rise make a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”.
The phrase itself says to build a habit to stay healthy. Getting a proper night of
sleep. Try to go to sleep at around 10 PM and wake up at around 5 a.m. By making
If this is a habit, you will feel a change that pushes you towards a lifestyle that
makes you healthier.

Not getting indulged in physical activity:

Ditch:- Being a Couch Potato all the time is the worst habit you need to
change right now. When you don’t indulge in any physical activity, then you
start developing many illnesses unknowingly.

Build:- Build a healthy habit of doing at least 1 hour of physical activity every
day. Do whatever you can practice with ease. Yoga, Gym, Walking, Running,
Jogging, cycling, sports, or anything that needs your physical power. This not
only helps in maintaining physical health but is also good for mental wellness.

Eating even when you are full:

Ditch: – Our taste buds are so fickle. They always demand to eat something
even when the stomach doesn’t permit it. And the interesting part is, taste
buds don’t need healthy food or drinks but something spicy or sweet which is
the prime reason for deteriorating health. One should stop eating when the
stomach says a big no. Eating even after getting full invites many diseases
which can be fatal at some point.

Build: The next healthy habit says to stop cherishing your taste buds every
time, and don’t eat when the tummy is full. Also, eliminate junk food, fast food,
frozen foods, packaged foods, preservatives, and so on from your diet. Never
force your stomach to eat beyond its limit.

Taking medicines very frequently:

Ditch: – What is lacking in today’s time? Patience. This is the ultimate truth.
We all want a magic stick which gives us the thing we wanted on doing,
“abracadabra”. This is the reason that when we get a single sneeze, we look
for a pill. We can’t wait for some time to get it cured. But do you know it later
consequences? Taking medicines very frequently leads to various physical and
mental problems. It worsens the overall fitness and health of an individual.

Build: So, for healthy well-being, we should stop depending on medicines
for simple issues. Improve your tolerance power or if you are unable to do so,
then try to find the solution in nature. Just don’t take medicines frequently.
Changing this habit can change your life in a positive way.

Increased Screen Time:

Ditch:- When you are at the office, you are working on a desktop or laptop;
When you are studying, you are taking online classes; When you are bored,
you are scrolling; When you are happy, you are posting; When you are sad,
you are watching videos. In short, during your every mood, every time; you
are just stuck to screen. This is what needed to diminish for a healthy lifestyle.

Build: Make a habit and try to decrease screen time as much as possible.
Increased screen time makes you lazy and is an invitation to many diseases.
So, this is one of the foremost addictions you need to reduce now. There are
There are many ways to settle your mood. Don’t just get dependent on mobile every day.
time. Use a laptop for your work or studies only, don’t use it unnecessarily.

Getting angry in every single aspect:

Ditch:anger is not the solution, indeed, it is the problem itself. Whenever
You are angry; you are pushing yourself into an unhealthy lifestyle.
Understand that not every situation can be handled with anger. Being angry
means bursting your head with unnecessary burdens and stress.

Build: The last but important habit you need to build now is to control your
anger. Try to stay calm in difficult situations. Take a heavy breath or just
Simply say “OM,” and believe me, you will feel peaceful energy inside you. This
can even handle the situation in the best way, which anger can never handle.
But make sure not to get angry. Because this is the emotion which is more
harmful to you than anyone else.

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