Why Women Make Time For Yoga

Why Women Make Time For Yoga

Welcome to Aatm Yogashala Blog in this blog we will discuss why Why Women Make Time For Yoga In today’s time, the role of women has changed, just say that at present a woman is leading a double life. That is, along with the responsibility of the house, they are fulfilling their duty towards the outside world.

In such a situation, having yoga in their life has become even more important. To fulfil these responsibilities, women have to become more energetic and balanced, and yoga can help them a lot. Yoga will provide them with all the qualities they need to do these things.

In this article, we are going to talk about some yoga practices that will be of great benefit to women.

Why is yoga important?

Presently Yoga has spread rapidly. It has been proved that by practicing yoga, one gets peace with strength, courage and restraint. Due to this, one is able to do many things in his life and be successful in many fields. Yoga helps us to strengthen our minds as well as our bodies by which we can reach our goals.

Yoga Asanas for Women

Here we are going to give information about some yogasanas, whose practice will definitely benefit you. It will be helpful in providing you with inner and outer happiness.


Start with the most common type of pranayama which has a lot of benefits. To do this, you have to first sit in Sukhasana or Padmasana, For this, you have to keep your hands straight on the knees. Now you have to take a long breath, and after holding it for some time, exhale while uttering the word Om. You can
Do this ten to fifteen times.

The practitioner also gets a lot of benefits from doing Kapalbhati. To do this asana, you have to sit in the posture of pranayama, after that, you have to inhale and release the breath at a balanced pace. You can take this action according to your ability. Keep in mind that the speed of inhalation and
Exhalation should not be too fast. Keep a balance between both.

To do this asana, you must first stand straight, breathe in and breathe out. You take them to your shins (the back of the foot, 4 inches above the heel) with your hands. Now try to touch your chest with your knees and remain in position for some time. During this, you have to keep breathing in a balanced way. You repeat this asana 8 to 10 times.

To do Sarvangasana, first, you have to lie down. After this, you have to move your feet upwards. Then support your back with both hands and move your legs upwards as high as you can. Make sure that your shoulder remains on the ground. You have to stand on this. Stay in this position to the best of your ability.
ability. Keep breathing and exhaling. Sarvangasana can be practiced 3-5 times a day.

To do this asana, you have to first lie down on your back or sit and keep your head on the ground, and with the help of your hands, bring your legs up in a straight line. Keep in mind that the head is to be kept straight. Stay in this posture according to your ability. You practice it in the morning and evening.

NOTE: Start practicing Yoga for your own benefit after taking a proper
training from a personal trainer or a yoga institute.

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