The Science & Magic of Mantra

The Science & Magic of Mantra

‘मनः त्रायते इति मंत्रः’
(Manah Trayate Iti Mantrah)

Meaning: The one who gives life to the mind, avoids it, refines it, and and rejuvenates it, which is the mantra.

Welcome to my Aatm yogashala blog ,in this blog we are talking about The Science & Magic of Mantra so stay tune.Just as there is a rule of ragas (Melodies), a fixed technique, a definite time, a vowel; similarly there are definite deities of mantras, there are definite elements, and there are definite appropriations and releases. Without their correct pronunciation, the worship of mantras can never be successful.

The second important point is that,just as the seeker of a raga, gradually purifying his vocal system, awakens his speech power and engages his mind in it, and creates the beauty of the raga.

In the same way, the seeker of mantra should also do the spiritual practice of speech, the inner harmony of the deity element and their deep understanding. Relentless efforts, unbroken rules, and fixed time for chanting mantras are its essential elements. By doing this the seeker becomes perfect.

Mantra Siddhi is a miracle, magic. There is such a power in the mantra, in that the mantra gets absorbed in the seeker and the body, mind and soul of the seeker become devoted to the mantra. In this situation, the seeker becomes a seer of the mantra, that is, the seeker sees the mantra and its secret.

The important thing is that if for some reason the seeker is not able to attain the ultimate path of the mantra in this life and continues on that path till his last breath, then in his new birth, the cycle of mantra begins from the same situation, because the signs of chanting the mantra are physical. They are not
mortal-like things and do not perish along with the body.

Science says that energy waves emerge from sound in the world. Sound is the basic thing in the world. The Vedas have called the sound Brahma. Brahma means expanding. Sound is an energy and it has a natural ability to expand.

A mantra is a set of some such sounds from which a particular type of energy waves harmonize together with powerful force. An organized energy field develops from this special rotational alternation. This energy leaves an effect not only on people but also on things.

So, if we go through the scientific theory of sound, then reciting continuously a particular word leaves an impact on the soul of an individual. This helps in recovering from many issues and problems.

In the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, four types of speech have been described, which are Baikhari, Madhyama, Pashyanti and Para. Patanjali says that the four voices gradually turn from gross to subtle. When a seeker chants aloud in the initial stage, it is called Vaachik Jaap.

After being proficient in this comes the second stage of Upanshu chanting. It is pronounced in a very slow voice. According to Patanjali, this is the use of Madhyama speech. After this the steps become very subtle, which is called ajapa, it is just watching the chanting going on within oneself. Patanjali calls it Pashyanti. In this situation, the seeker remains a witness or a spectator of the mantra chanting going on within him.

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